Cargo Hoses and Valves Testing

With oil companies increasing the SAFETY requirements for bunker and STS operations, one major issue is the equipment used in these operations, e.g. pneumatic fenders and STS cargo transfer hoses. Scrutiny on the companies that conduct the tests and inspections on these equipment have made Owners source for Testing companies with accreditation and experience in the test procedures.

I-MARINE.COM, in its drive to become a qualified and trustworthy service provider in this field have attained certification by the national authority of Singapore known as the Singapore Accreditation Council.

I-MARINE.COM is certified to carry out hose and valve testing according to BS 1765 and BS 4126 respectively. We operate a workshop in accordance with ISO/EC 17025. It is fully equipped for all tests requirements. We carry portable tests equipment and perform on site hoses test and fender valve replacement.

This SAVES Owners TIME and COST compared to sending to shore.